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Intuitive counselling among other things aims to provide Spirit based counselling enlisting the assistance of Doreen Virtue's Healing with Angels, Angel Tarot (designed with Radleigh Valentine) and Life Purpose Oracle cards along with the assistance and guidance of channelled messages of our Higher Power, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guardians, Angels, mystic guarding energies to help you find your way.

Wani has been trained in meditation, mainstream counselling and uses massage to calm, centre and align participants.

Channelling has a deep connection to all cultures.  Every individual has their own guardian entity enlisted to guide you in your life quest.  Developing skills and altered awareness may take time if you are new to this area. 

Always leave with a lesson or a benefit from every situation that confronts you.  Find what you need, and move on.

Do you answer yes to any of these questions?

  • Feel unsure about your life purpose?
  • Feel uncertain about your future?
  • Would like support with spiritual development?
  • Would like a personalised angel therapy reading?
  • Would lifting the effect of lower energies help you find peace through divine guidance and prayer?

Heartland believes that a continuum exists between the body, the mind and our soul. In our busy world you can experience a higher vibration and feel more secure in the life that you lead!

Wani has been attuned to Light and Sound meditation.  She will connect directly to your Divinely connected support energy.  She will often use Angel Therapy cards, seek divine spiritual support, advice and guidance on your behalf.

Your personalised reading could relate to:

  • love,
  • relationships,
  • career,
  • spiritual development,
  • general intuitive reading,
  • and/or connection to a loved one. 

As a special deal you could receive a personalised counselling session with a massage at the basic rate for 30 minutes or 1 hour massage only prices.  Enquiries are welcome.  If you feel guided please contact Wani who can be contacted after hours by arrangement.   A transcription of your reading can be made available via email by request.

Please be assured that all of your personal details will be kept confidential.  If requested all personal information will be removed once your reading has been completed.

A reading can be ordered by completing the following form.  Your reading can be paid via Paypal.  After receipt of payment your reading will be emailed within 24 hours.

Your full name
Your date of birth
Your email address:
Your preferred reading theme, e.g. love, relationship, career, life direction, spiritual connection, a loved one passing. Please allow at least 24 hours for your reading to be emailed.
Your suggested reading time
Intuitive Guided Reading
10 minute reading
Price: $10.00
Angel Guided Reading
20 minute reading
Price: $20.00
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