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Wani is a singer-songwriter whose soaring vocals and fantastic original songs sets hearts beating and minds whirring.

Now based in the heart of North West Tasmania, Wani has begun a new adventure developing mind, body and soul hoping to encourage others to also harness their strengths, pursuing their heartfelt wishes and developing, aspiring to greater and greater heights.

Wani grew up in the North Island of New Zealand in a city called Whangarei.  Music is an important focus for many New Zealanders.  Immersed in music from a young age, Wani never forgets how important a solid foundation is.   In many areas of New Zealand the church provided a singular way of centering and clearing individuals and groups.  Our culture is steeped in tapu (sacred) values.  We believe our tupuna (ancestors) guide us and our families.  We learn that in certain areas, the veil between us here in mortal form and those that have passed can temporarily be embraced allowing a true love connection to be maintained.

Wani spent years in Australia learning and growing.  After moving to Tasmania (a very fertile place for song development) Wani found herself writing and producing original songs at an amazing rate. 

Wani's natural musical talents do not hold her back from creating much needed personal space to work on her other hobbies such as pain relief, spiritual development and spiritual guidance.

Family was important, when the job of being a mother and a provider released, Wani chose to bring through guidance via song and mystic messages through spoken word.  Much of the music is inspired by events and circumstances that appear before her, through dreams, through divine guiding, via channelling.  Many favourite musicians that have passed appear and provide new inspiration for her music.  Many songs reflect the intense energies of the emotions of the culture around her.

Please enjoy the music I have posted here.

Thank you to Karin Grant and Peter Lord for the pictures. 
Recordings with great thanks to Rex Watts.
Fellow musicians Jacob Boote and Rex Watts (hidden Greg (Rhythm) Heart).

I wish to acknowledge the original owners of this land and their ancestors.  I also greatly appreciate all of the people who have helped and supported me and my family - helping us to become strong and independant.  Thank-you.

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